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Design by Anderssen & Voll

Multi-coloured DROP is a playful complement to FEBRIK’s collection. The pattern shows the surprising effect of creating different perceptions on the eye as a result of the way the textile reflects rays of lights from different directions. DROP is composed of a variety of tasteful colours where light and dark hues alternate creating a balanced colour scheme, but simultaneously show a lively character.

The textile is available in 29 colourways


razzle dazzle
Design by Sylvain Willenz

The dynamic textile designed by Sylvain Willenz, named after the camouflage painting technique is now available. Select one of the three styles; plain, two-tone or mélange and compose a subtle and soft or highly graphical range.





SHADE’s optical impact arises from a sequence of contrasting threads crossed on the diagonal, resulting in a visual complexity which beguiles the eye. The interplay of foreground and background creates an illusion of depth which constantly shifts under the gaze. Stepping back, the intricacy softens into a delicately refined hush. SHADE is an intriguing textile that is available in a harmonized range of hues.

The textile is available in 35 colourways







We are pleased to unveil an innovative and playful system which is designed to easily select, compare and rearrange the available colours. By loosening the black cord at the backside you can easily display the textiles and experience the stretch features. After you have selected your favorites it’s easy to tighten them up again. The book has a flexible hook, so display it as you wish. Available in 2 sizes.

new york

design week 2016

To see how the FEBRIK textiles look like on upholstered products, during New York Design Week, visit the showrooms and events of Moroso, Moooi and Ligne Roset at WantedDesign.

new york

design week 2016

During New York Design Week FEBRIK will announce the start of a partnership with Colony. The cooperative gallery at 324 Canal street, downtown Manhattan, will display the entire FEBRIK textile collection and be the main source of sales support in the US from now on.
In celebration of this ongoing partnership, Colony and FEBRIK will host different events during Design Week held from May 12 till the 17th.

Check Colony for full programming.


Salone Del Mobile

During the Salone del Mobile in Milan you can see our textiles on the products of the following brands. FEBRIK is very proud to share some new collaborations next to the once we cherish for years ...

new colours


Elegant TWILL shows how straightforward and sophisticated can go hand in hand. The relatively flat surfaced fabric doubles a business-like appearance with ace looks. Multifunctional TWILL is available in an extended range of colours creating a harmonized palette.
The textile is now available in 31 colourways


new colours


Frosted structured dots pop up from a gleaming textile landscape. For a more extravert appearance, opt for contrasting colours. An equal choice for back- and foreground will mellow the buzz without taking away DOT’s intrinsic richness. By adding new strong colours the collection has become a lively range.  
The textile is presently available in 24 colourways.


new colours


Known for its smooth appearance and compliant nature, UNIFORM is easy to befriend. The popular knitted textile is updated with a new range of refined colours. When applied as upholstery, the fabric adapts to fit countless shapes without resistance. Due to the textile’s inherent stretch, seams are reduced to a bare minimum. Available in 34 colours.



Tiny dots are placed into structured depth on the frontlayer of the textile, giving PITCH a great stretchability to the universal flowing surface of the textile.




design by Bertjan Pot

Be inspired by the playful textile designed by Bertjan Pot which is available in a wide range of sparkling colours. SPRINKLES attracts the attention and brightens up the mood by its lively appearance. While fading into the environment from a distance, a close-up inspection of the multi layered textile reveals a kaleidoscopic gathering of tiny coloured dots.


uniform mélange

Known for its smooth appearence and compliant nature, Uniform Melange adapts to fit countless shapes. Now available in a new range of refined colour tones.


new product highlighted

Love me Tender
Design by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

Another great product designed for MOROSO, by Patricia Urquiola. A modular sofa with comfortable roundedness cushions, contrasted by the lightness of its delicate wooden legs. Tender is embraced here by UNIFORM MELANGE in colour CORAL, the soft wool textile that stretches in both width and length, fits and outlines the forms with the sophisticated accuracy of the pleating.

new project highlighted

Huys europa
Design by VOID interieurarchitectuur

A well-balanced project realized by VOID interieurarchitectuur, based in The Netherlands. A transformation of former headquarter of AHOLD Amsterdam, where a lounge is created with a harmonized combination between business functionality and the comfortable friendliness of a hotel lobby. The textile used here on the acoustic panels is CROSS in colour Chalk. A gentle and cushy textile which strengthens the pleasant and serene effect in the space.


Design by bertjan Pot

Lavish, soft and vivid, Triangle instantly demands to be touched. The padded geomatric 3D structure oozes an intrinsic richness whilst simultaneously evoiking a warm and cozy ambiance.

new product highlighted

Razzle Dazzle

During the last Maison & Objet fair held in Paris, new brand HEM introduced themselves and presented RAZZLE DAZZLE on different products which showed the true character of this new textile.



In the last week of August, FEBRIK teamed up with Cult and designFARM to introduce the new branding and collection to the Australian market. In Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane designers enjoyed delicious food and textile stories. These events coincided with the introduction of the new furniture range Adam Goodrum designed for Cult ‘dressed’ in FEBRIK textiles. A versatile mixture of Australian design and Dutch textiles. In 2015 more events will be organized for those who missed it. 

new project highlighted

Cancer council Victoria
Design by Hotblack

A new workspace for the Australian Cancer Council Victoria, designed by HOT BLACK interior design based in Melbourne Australia. In this phone box the textile enriches the space and improves the sound absorption for a more pleasant acoustic environment. The full-bodied diamond shaped textile used is SUMMIT in colour Stream.
Photography by Nicole Reed.