Our Values


FEBRIK takes great care in minimizing its impact on the environment. Whether it concerns the daily operation at the production facilities, waste management of harmful chemicals, upcycling second choice textiles and leftovers or simple gestures like a conscious approach towards sampling: our aim is to do the most with the least possible side effects. It shows how FEBRIK is a modern-day, progressive company with corresponding key values.

FEBRIK develops and manufactures its collection of knitted interior textiles in-house. This not only allows for great freedom in terms of design possibilities and customization, but also demands a responsible demeanour where it comes to our natural habitat. Developing contemporary knits with long-lasting appeal is just one outlet for being eco-conscious. In our vision, endurance goes beyond performance – evidence of which is found in a keen selection of contemporary knits that outlive fleeting trends. A more generous than standard width plus the inherent stretch quality that allows for more economic upholstering reduce both costs and waste.



All our textiles are tested according to the usual testing methods and comply with the relevant standards and regulations (including REACH legislation) and are OKOE-TEX 100 certified. This will be expanded with accreditation for the EU Ecolabel.

FEBRIK is a young vibrant brand with profound expertise. We strive to rush the feathers of the industry and set great store by first-rate service and personal contact. Our collection is the reflection of a team effort and we consider the open-minded work climate of paramount importance to our company.