FEBRIK is the new player in the world of interior textiles. Its collection of knitted textiles commenced in 2008 under the name Innofa stretch textiles. After several years of international growth Renee Merckx and Jos Pelders continued the successful enterprise under the name FEBRIK. Known for its versatile collection, innovative approach and collaborative attitude, FEBRIK challenges designers and architects to not merely “think textiles” as a last step in the design process, but instead use them as a springboard for their interior concepts and industrial designs alike.

The young brand is strongly rooted in Tilburg, the Netherlands, a city of historical importance when it comes to textiles. Backed by years of experience, and thanks to its in-house design department and production facilities, FEBRIK is able to concoct top-notch quality textiles for the commercial market utilising the latest technical advancements. Eye-popping, small-scale designer productions in collaboration with the most renowned interior brands in the field surmount the bold collection.



FEBRIK creates distinguishing textiles that can be brought into play in the whole gamut of interiors – from domestic use to contract environments. Three-dimensional structure and stretch are two common threads throughout the entire collection; the latter being a quality intrinsic to the process of knitting. Colour is another benchmark, with matching colour combinations between different designs. Another option is combining distinctive fabrics in the same hue within one design. Versatility is key, with possibilities stretching beyond upholstering.

By putting knitted textiles on the designer map, FEBRIK aims to serve those who dream today and shape our tomorrow. Doing so by creating interior textiles that allow furniture brands to differentiate from the competition, designers to push the limits of product design and architects to enrich the interiors they fashion for us.